Adding interactive elements to your publication

Various interactive elements can be used to enrich your publication. content on top of PDF content. Support for various HTML5 interactive features is platform dependent and publishers must test any interactive content using Maggio Preview (a native reader application available on iOS and Android) or the HTML5 preview links on the Maggio Author web administration interface.

Frequently used elements are for example

  • Video content
  • Audio content
  • Hot spots
  • Photo galleries

From a technical point of view, interactive elements are zipped HTML archives placed on top of the PDF files as overlays.

  • To add an interactive element, click on the + symbol in the right hand corner of the page thumbnail in the issue view in the Maggio Author.
  • Drop the zipped HTML archive on top of the ‘Upload HTML archive’ button and then click ‘Save the page’
  • The + symbol turns into a red O symbol when a HTML overlay is present
  • Generate the issue

Previewing pages with HTML overlay content is always recommended before publishing the issue.

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