Google Tag Manager

Configuring GTM

1. Import the associated GTM-container.json into a container, either a new one or an existing one.

Admin -> Container -> Import Container
Select the GTM-container.json file and a workspace. 'View Detailed Changes' will display which tags, triggers or variables will change or be created.
2. Change the GA property ID in Variables
Variables -> 'Google Analytics Tracking ID - Maggio'
Change the 'Value' field to your GA property ID, e.g. UA-12345678-12.
3. Publish the changes to this GTM tag
Choose 'Preview' or 'Submit' and apply the changes on the main page. This might take a few minutes to take effect.
3. Configure any custom fields you wish
For example, you can change the page title shown in GA to be "Mag 19.5.2017 / page 78" with "{{maggio product title}} {{maggio issue title}} / page {{maggio page number}}", or any other combination of the variables available at the Variables page.
5. Let us know the GTM tag ID
This is displayed on the main page and under 'Admin'. It is of the form 'GTM-...'

Available variables and example values for them:

{{maggio issue title}}: "19.5.2017"

{{maggio page number}}: "78"

{{maggio organization tag}}: ""

{{maggio product tag}}: "exampleproduct"

{{maggio product title}}: "Example Product"

{{maggio page path}}: "/1d0143ac-010a-4d6c-833f-3b517c3eb982/78"

{{maggio analytics id}}: "page <pdf page number>" or "full page ad"

Download GTM container example json file

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