Adding a table of content

If you wish, you can choose to add a table of contents (TOC) for the publication. 

Tapping a story in the TOC will guide readers directly to the first page of the story. To add a TOC, you'll be working with your publications as a compilation of stories consisting of one or more PDF's per story.

It is recommended that you save your PDF's as individual pages before uploading them onto the Maggio author. This allows you to create a TOC with references to any page in your publication.

  • Add a TOC header for the first page of a story by clicking ’EDIT’

  • The TOC can contain information about the story, such as the author and a short summary
  • Naming the story, 'Name', and ticking ‘Shown in TOC’ are needed before saving the story

  • Go on to the first page of the next story to add a new header in your TOC
  • Generate the issue when you’re done

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