Campaign reports

Ad creatives and their respective flights are attached to campaigns created in the trafficking process. Campaign analytics are summarised on a real-time campaign report, available as an open access web page from the beginning of the campaign. 

Campaign reports have unique URLs that remain unchanged throughout the campaign.
All campaign reports are available through Richie Admin in the 'Campaings' view. 


Basic campaign analytics are displayed on the top of the campaign report page as figures.

For descriptions, click on the ? symbols. 
Below the basic campaign analytics you'll find thumbnails for all ad creatives within the campaign. Analytics will be displayed for all ad creatives in total by default. Manage the analytics page to display analytics only for specific ad creatives by clicking on the thumbnails.
The 'Impressions and clicks' section displays campaign data in either a daily, weekly or monthly diagram. The time period can be adjusted from the 'Days' 'Weeks' and 'Months' tabs. 
Move your cursor to the graph to see data for a specific time period. 

The 'Dwell time distribution' chart is an overview on the amount of time spent within the ad view per impression. Raw data can be downloaded by clicking on the 'Export CSV' button.

If your ad creative has several URLs, the distribution of clicks between these different links is displayed in the URLs section.

The table on the right hand side of the graph will tell you, in the order of their popularity, how the total amount of clicks was distributed between each URL. 
Similarly to the URLs section, the Events section will specify the distribution of the total amount of events within rich media ad creatives. The amount of events listed and their names depends on the amount of events implemented in the ad creative and how they are named. 
Analyzing data from your campaign is possible by navigating to the Data section, which is located on the bottom of the report page. This might be needed if the same ad creative has been run in multiple applications and all flights have been attached to the same campaign. In this section, all data is displayed separately for each application and day. You can download the data by clicking the 'Export CSV' button.

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