• Navigating back to the home view of the author, the added issue will appear on the top of the page under 'Unpublished issues’ with the status 'Generating'.
  • Move your cursor to the issue title and click 'Publish...'.Add a description text and a Issue year/number to match the numbering of your in-app-purchases.
    • Tick 'Publish the magazine', and then set the publication date. Note that you can also set a publication date in the future. Tick 'Free issue' if the issue should be distributed for free. 
    • Click 'Update issue'.
    • Once the publishing details have been set and generating has finished, your publication is ready to go live.

If you want to unpublish an issue, navigate to the Publication details menu of the issue. Untick the Publish issue box and save. If you know in advance when an issue should be unpublished, use the Hide date feature in the advanced settings. Issues with a hide date will not be distributed after the hide date. 

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